DBT Skills Training Group for Teens

A group for teens to learn positive coping strategies so they can stop high-risk behaviors and start creating lives they truly enjoy.

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DBT is for teens who are struggling with any of the following:

  • Depression and anxiety that lead to avoiding activities they’d otherwise want to do

  • Mood swings that are more extreme than you’d expect

  • Friendship problems and/or loneliness

  • Self-harm or other impulsive behaviors

  • “All-or-nothing” thinking patterns that are difficult to change

In this group, your teen will learn skills and strategies to:

  • Replace harmful behaviors with positive coping tools

  • Increase awareness of their own emotions so they can catch them before they get out of control

  • Ask for what they need and set limits with peers so they can improve relationships without sacrificing self-respect

  • Better manage family conflicts by learning to see different perspectives

  • Clarify their values so they can set goals based on their passions and priorities

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